Muay Thai Stadiums

Muay Thai Stadiums In Thailand

there are too many places to watch muay thai in every where of thailand but here is the most famous Stadiums let’s check them out and Get some More information by click on learn more.

Rajadamnern Stadium

In 1941, the Prime Minister of Thailand, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram gave orders to build a national boxing stadium on Rajadamnern Avenue, The first boxing match was on 23 December 1945.

Lumpinee stadium

Lumpinee in Bangkok, Thailand. Opened more than a decade later than Rajadamnern St, Lumpinee is run by the Royal Thai Army.

Channel 7 Boxing Stadium

Channel 7 St in Bangkok City and it’s one of the popula Stadium after Rajadamnern and Lumpinee in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Muay Thai Stadium In Thailand

Siam Boxing Or Omnoi Stadium

Siam Boxing Or Omnoi Also one of the famous Stadium in Thailand, it’s the fourth most important St after Lumpinee St., Rajadamnern St. and Channel 7 St

Muay Thai Stadium In Thailand

Rangsit Boxing Stadium

Rangsit Stadium was build in 1962 by Mr.Prasit U-rairat, located in rangsit City close to bangkok.

Muay Thai Stadium In Thailand

Max Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya

Max Muay Thai Started On November, 2014 in Pattaya on Sukhumvit road and It’s capacity about 2000 people.

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