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Muay Thai Personal Trainers in Bangkok

Let’s check some personal muay thai trainers based in bangkok

The MuayThai And Self Defense , Boxing & from beginner to professional with (Arjarn Farshid )personal trainer in Bangkok.

Titels As Amateur

The President And Representative Of Iranian Muay Boran Association From 2007  To Now .

The World Muay Thai Champion 2002 Thailand Also 2008 Bulgaria.

Head Coach Iran Muay Thai National Team
Award Best Muay Thai Coach In Asia Cup 2007 Styles Muay Thai & Self Defnse & MMA.

Title As Professional

The Best Coaching For Muay Thai And K-1 Style 2007 In India 2014 & 2016 & 2018 In The World.

The International Head Coach For The Professional Top The Fighters In The World 2013 To Now.

Muay Thai Personal Trainers

if you have ever trained with Professional Muay Thai Trainers In Bangkok and you Got good experience with him please let us know about him and we will add his profile in this page.

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